Patient Care at Life Care hospital in Durgapur


Outpatient registration and billing is a process that needs to be completed before receiving medical care. For outpatient services, you will need to register with the healthcare facility, provide your contact details and insurance information, as well as create an account for billing purposes. Once this is completed, you can then visit the doctor's office or clinic for your medical appointment.

Every patient who wishes to avail of the various services in Life care Hospital has to get registered. This is a one-time event which gives you a permanent ID number. The patient needs to pay for appointments and all other services prior to availing the same.


For appointments, please contact us on +91 7477716138


Our emergency department works around the clock. In case of any emergency, contact the casualty medical officer on 24 Hrs+91 7477716138


We have fully equipped ambulance service available for transporting patients to and from the hospital. For availing this service, please contact us on +91 07477716138.


All Intensive Care Units (ICUs) areas are restricted areas. Patient Parties are requested to adhere to protocol and wear isolation gown, shoe covers and use hand sanitiser available at the hospital before and after entering these areas.

  • To minimise the risk of infection, only one attendant at a time is allowed for a maximum of 05-10 minutes. Visitors are requested to wait for their turn to enter these special zones.
  • It is expected that visitors will:
      1. Not visit if the visitors are sick.
      2. Comply with safety and security procedures.
      3. Wear and display their visitor identification card at all times while in patient/restricted areas.
      4. Leave the hospital during a disaster or fire alarm.
      5. Act in a respectful manner with the Hospital Staff.
  • Unacceptable behaviour includes but is not limited to:
      1. Unreasonable interference with a patient’s plan of care.
      2. Harassment of any kind, including inappropriate telephone calls to a staff member or using Mobile phone in ICU/HDU.
      3. Use of loud, threatening, abusive or obscene language.
      4. Use of physical violence or acting in a threatening manner towards staff.
      5. Arriving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
      6. Damage to hospital property.
      7. Theft.
      8. Possession of weapons or firearms.
      9. Disturbance to other patients.